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US Scholarships

I. Financial Aid UG: Fee Waiver Scholarship Available at Butte College UG: IUPUI Offers International Ambassador Award and ELS Award UG/Grad: International Student Scholarships Available At University of Nebraska-Omaha Postgrad/Postdoc: American Society for Microbiology Awards Research Fellowships II. Campus News • SUNY Delhi Offers New Criminal Justice Degree • Tulane Receives $50M for Community Service Scholars Program • Grand Valley State University Launches Masters in Biomedical Engineering I. Financial Aid FEE WAIVER SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE AT BUTTE COLLEGE Butte-Glenn Community College, a fully accredited two-year institution, is located approximately 75 miles north of Sacramento in northern California. Every semester, the International Student Office offers Fee Waiver Scholarships for International Students valued at $1,000 each. These scholarships give students from around the world the opportunity to study at Butte College for a reduced cost. The Internati


A chi-square is a nonparametric test used to determine if there is a relationship between two categorical variables. Let.s take a simple example. Suppose a researcher brought male and female participants into the lab and asked them which color they or green. The researcher believes that color preference may be related to gender. Notice that both gender (male, female) and color preference (blue, green) are categorical variables. If there is a relationship between gender and color preference, we would expect that the proportion of men who prefer blue would be different than the proportion of women who prefer blue. In general, you have a relationship between two categorical variables when the distribution of people across the categories of the first variable changes across the different categories of the second variable. To determine if a relationship exists between gender and color preference, the chi-square test computes the distributions across the combination of your two