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Interpreting MANOVA Output

Performing a MANOVA using interactive mode You can use the interactive mode of SPSS to perform a MANOVA if all of your independent variables are manipulated between subjects. To peform a MANOVA using the interactive mode in SPSS • Choose Analyze thenGoto General Linear Model thenGoto Multivariate . • Move the DVs you want to examine to the Dependent Variables box. • Move any categorical IVs to the Fixed Factor(s) box. • Move any continuous IVs to the Covariate(s) box. • By default, SPSS will build a model including all interactions between the categorical independent variables, but no interactions with the continuous independent variables. To analyze a different model you must take the following steps. o Click the Model button. o Click the radio button next to Custom . o Add all of main effects to your model by clicking the IVs in the box labeled Factors and Covariates , setting the pull-down menu to Main effects , and clicking the arrow button. o Add each of the interaction terms t