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How Toxic Colleagues Corrode Performance - a commentary

Today, most of the executives perceive competence diversity, mutual trust, and team spirit as crucial factors in cultivating knowledge-sharing behaviors. Successful management of tacit organizational knowledge sharing requires a deep understanding of the specific cultural values that underpin both behavior and organizational culture. In some cultures it is taken very seriously. For example, Singaporean-Chinese values are rooted in the Confucian ethos, notions of kiasu (the fear of losing out to others), guanxi (social relationships), and xinyong (the use or the usefulness of trust) (Koki, 2006). It is very important for the organizations to establish a civil and social work environment where employees can share their knowledge willingly and easily. Rude behaviors of managers are a source of a highly toxic and dysfunctional organizational behavior; borderline personality disorder in a manager may serve as a systemic toxin for an organization (Goldman, 2006). There are possible solutions

Call for Papers

1. Special issue call for papers from Internationa l Journal of Conflict Management Areas / Topics Conflict Conflict management Dispute resolution Fairness Justice Mediation and arbitration Negotiation Peace studies Related topics Manuscript submission deadline: 28-11-2011. For details visit International Journal of Conflict Management 2. Inauguration issue call for papers from Far East Journal of Psychology and Business Areas / Topics Money, Banking, Finance and Investment Psychology and Human Related Issues Marketing Security Markets, Business Economics Accounting Practices Social Issues and Public policy  Management Organization  Statistics and Econometrics  Administration and Management  International Trade Industrial Relations and Labor  Business Communication  Mass Communication  History and Psychology Cold War and Business  Inter-Cultural Encounters  Peace and Unity for Business Growth Deadline for Submission: 30-11-2010. For details visit http