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International Conferences

Following is the list of Conferences which will be held in the coming months. IEEE International Conference on Emergency Management and Management Sciences (ICEMMS 2010), Beijing, China, 8 Aug 2010 Visit the link to see the details Leadership and Management Studies in Sub-Sahara Africa - Conference LMSSSA2010 Cape Town, South Africa, 22 Nov 2010 Visit the link for details 4th International Conference on Open Source Systems and Technology (ICOSST-2010), Lahore Pakistan Deadline for submission of papers: November 1st, 2010 Acceptance/Rejection notification: November 20, 2010 Camera ready papers: November 30, 2010 Business Management Conference, Arizona USA, 15 Jan 2011 Visit the link for details Winter Global Conference On Business And Finance (Gcbf), Las Vegas, USA, 2 Jan 2011 Deadline for submission of papers: November 8, 2010 1st International Conference on Cooperative Social, Economic and Cultural Capabilities, Kish Island, Iran, 16 Apr 2011 Submission of Abstract: Septem

Forward Thinking Cultures - a Commentary

Business, economics and society are changing at an extraordinary speed. To succeed, all of us - including our leaders and managers - need to learn faster, think smarter and break free of confining assumptions and old attitudes (James, 1996). Globalization seeks anticipatory leaders. Anticipatory leaders consistently demonstrate three skills (Savage and Sales, 2008): As futurists, they inform themselves about a wide range of current events and trends. As strategists, they hone their understanding of the opportunities and threats that these shifts present. As integrators of ideas, beliefs and emotions they continually engage with the people of their organizations, identifying opportunities and aligning resources toward common objectives. If we talk on the context of globalization, then in a global market environment an organization can no longer be looked at as a static concept (Chaharbaghi and Nugent, 1996). Organizations have to develop an environment where the people can think globall

What is an Impact Factor?

The ISI, JCR impact factor is considered as the best quantitative measure of the quality of a journal and its research papers. Every researcher tries his best to get his research paper published in an impact factor journal but researchers rarely know what is an impact factor? The impact factor is basically a standardized measure of the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI). It measures the way a journal receives citations to its articles over time. It is calculated in such a way that the number of current citations a journal receives to articles published in the two previous years are divided by the number of articles published in those same years. For example, the 2009 impact factor is the citations in 2009 to articles published in 2007 and 2008 divided by the number of articles published in 2007 and 2008. The resulted number is considered as the average number of citations the average article receives per year in the proceeding two years of the publication year.

Lecture on Global Financial Markets

Following is the lecture on Global Financial Markets. This is the over all introductory lecture which highlights the main areas of the Global Financial Market subject. Details of every topic will be posted one by one later. GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS (GFM) The markets where economic units with surplus funds, such as corporations, governments and investors lend funds to other economic units that want to borrow. —   There are following financial markets: —   Foreign exchange market —   Eurocurrency market —   Eurocredit market —   Eurobond market —   International stock markets —   International development Institutions Motives for Using GFM —   The markets for real or financial assets prevented from complete integration by barriers such as tax differentials, tariffs, quotas, labor immobility, communication costs, cultural differences, and financial reporting differences. —   These barriers can also create unique opportunities for specific geographic markets that will attract foreig