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List of Impact Factor Journals 2009

All researchers must try to get their research paper published in ISI Impact Factor Journals. Following are the lists of International Impact Factor Journals of Business and Economics. Just click on the link and see the list. FACTOR DE IMPACTO ISI-JCR-SSCR-2008-Business FACTOR DE IMPACTO ISI-JCR-SSCR-2009-Business  FACTOR DE IMPACTO ISI-JCR-SSCR-2009-Economics

Aligning organizations and their information technology infrastructure: how to make information technology support business

Abstract of Research Paper: A modern organization, in order to develop or survive, has to encounter decision issues that are simultaneously complex and unpredictable. Such a decision-making or problem-solving environment directs attention to the problem-solving and information-processing properties of the organization. The concepts of organizational problem solving and information technology management are instantiated and the problem-domain of organizational information technology investments looked into. Referring to research mainly in the fields of economics, organization theory, information theory and information systems management, key concepts in this problem domain are explored and reasoned. The reason is that these very concepts are often misunderstood when actual decisions about information technology are made. The key concepts are: information technology infrastructure, information technology application, communication, message transmission, learning and knowledge, especial

The Role of Information Feedback in the Management Group Decision-Making Process Applying System Dynamics Models

Abstract of Research Paper The research project addresses the influence of feedback information on the decision process supported by the application of system dynamics models. A user-friendly application was developed and used in the experiment with decision groups. The participants were 174 undergraduate management science students. They had the task of determining the optimum business strategy by maximizing the multiple criteria function under three experimental conditions: a1) an individual decision process without the support of a system dynamics model, a2) an individual decision process supported by a system dynamics model, and a3) a decision process supported by a system dynamics model and subject interaction via computer mediation. The hypotheses that the individual decision process supported by a system dynamics model yields higher Criteria Function values than one without a system dynamics model, as well as the decision process supported by both a system dynamics model and s

The Development of Female Global Managers: The Role of Mentoring and Networking

Abstract of Research Paper: This paper explores the role of mentoring and networking in the career development of global female managers. The paper is based on data collected from interviews with 50 senior female managers. The voices of the female managers illustrate some of the difficulties associated with informal organisational processes, in particular mentoring and networking, which hinder their career development. The findings confirm that female managers can miss out on global appointments because they lack mentors, role models, sponsorship, or access to appropriate networks – all of which are commonly available to their male counterparts. The interviewees suggest that men, as the dominant group, may want to maintain their dominance by excluding women from the informal interactions of mentoring and networking. The findings further suggest that if females had more access to networks and mentors they could be socialised in both the formal and informal norms of the organisation an