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One-way between-subjects ANOVA A one-way between-subjects ANOVA allows you to determine if there is a relationship between a categorical independent variable (IV) and a continuous dependent variable (DV), where each subject is only in one level of the IV. To determine whether there is a relationship between the IV and the DV, a one-way between-subjects ANOVA tests whether the means of all of the groups are the same. If there are any differences among the means, we know that the value of the DV depends on the value of the IV. The IV in an ANOVA is referred to as a factor , and the different groups composing the IV are referred to as the levels of the factor. A one-way ANOVA is also sometimes called a single factor ANOVA. A one-way ANOVA with two groups is analogous to an independent-samples t-test. The p-values of the two tests will be the same, and the F statistic from the ANOVA will be equal to the square of the t statistic from the t-test. To perform a one-way between-subjects AN