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SELECTING CASES in SPSS Sometimes a researcher may wish to restrict an analysis to only a subset of the data file. For example, a researcher might want to do an analysis on only the female participants, only on American citizens, or only on those who disagreed with a presented message. You can have SPSS only perform analyses on a subset of cases meeting specified criteria by selecting cases. For example, suppose you believed that an experimental manipulation would work better on female participants. You might therefore want to do an analysis only on the female participants. Assuming that you had a variable named gender in your data set where men had a value of 1 and women had a value of 2, you could select only women for analysis in SPSS by taking the following steps • Choose Data then Goto Select Cases. • Click the radio button next to If condition is satisfied . • Click the If button. • Type gender = 2 in the popup window. • Click the Continue button. • Click the OK button.
AMOS WORKSHOP Iqra university Islamabad under the umbrella of Executive Development Centre (EDC) is organizing 2nd interactive workshop on Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with AMOS . SEM grows out of and serves purposes similar to multiple regression, but in a more powerful way which takes into account the modeling of interactions, nonlinearities, correlated independents, measurement error, correlated error terms and so on. This workshop is of two days. The Classes will be held on S aturday and Sunday from 10 to 5 PM Starting from 14th May, 2011 . For registration contact finance office Iqra University Islamabad. For details , click here .