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Tips for getting your research paper accepted in an impact factor journal

Researchers always wish to get their research paper published in an impact factor journal. No doubt that having publications in impact factor journals is a great achievement for the researchers. But impact factor journals require a very high profile research work. Some suggestions are given here which will help the research scholars. There must be some novelty in the research. Manuscript must be written in standard English. Use of passive voice should be avoided. Write in interesting manner and tell the reader what will be learned from the manuscript. Be direct and specific and define all terms used in manuscript. Avoid ambiguous terms, buzzwords, jargon, acronyms, and stringing nouns together. Do not make exaggerated claims. Tell the readers what was learned.  Read your paper several times. Tell some one else (your colleague or professional) to read your paper and give suggestions for improvement. Very important tip: Whenever  you select  an appropriate journal for you ma

Free Access to Journals

Free access to following impact factor journals is available for the limited time. Researchers must avail of the this opportunity. Environmental and Resource Economics  ISSN: 0924-6460 (print version) ISSN: 1573-1502 (electronic version) Journal no. 10640 Journal of Economics ISSN: 0931-8658 (print version) ISSN: 1617-7134 (electronic version) Journal no. 712 The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics  ISSN: 0895-5638 (print version) ISSN: 1573-045X (electronic version) Journal no. 11146 Public Choice ISSN: 0048-5829 (print version) ISSN: 1573-7101 (electronic version) Journal no. 11127 Review of World Economics ISSN: 1610-2878 (print version) ISSN: 1610-2886 (electronic version) Journal no. 10290