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One-way within-subjects ANOVA A one-way within-subjects ANOVA allows you to determine if there is a relationship between a categorical IV and a continuous DV, where each subject is measured at every level of the IV. Within-subject ANOVA should be used whenever want to compare 3 or more groups where the same subjects are in all of the groups. To perform a within-subject ANOVA in SPSS you must have your data set organized so that the subject is the unit of analysis and you have different variables containing the value of the DV at each level of your within-subjects factor. To perform a within-subject ANOVA in SPSS: • Choose Analyze thenGoto General linear model thenGoto Repeated measures. • Type the name of the factor in the Within-Subjects Factor Name box. • Type the number of groups the factor represents in the Number of Levels box. • Click the Add button. • Click the Define button. • Move the variables representing the different levels of the within-subjects factor to the Wit